How to use Instagram stories to boost your brand awareness


Users spend their maximum time posting thoughts, experiences, and stories on platforms that are open and free to all. Social Media is growing and it is growing at a rapid pace.

3 Social Media platforms that have taken the world by storm are:

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook

Though Facebook has a higher number of users than the other two, Individuals and brands are using Instagram because of its simpler interface and algorithm.

Why choose Instagram stories over Snapchat or Facebook?

Though It was snapchat who introduced stories in their app, Instagram stories stand out by including features like hashtags, locations, and other amazing tools to allow the user to make the most of 15 seconds.

When the Instagram app was launched in 2010, it was just a simple photo sharing platform. It came as a surprise that people loved the idea behind keeping Instagram simple and classy.

Brands are using this amazing opportunity to enhance their brand awareness among 140 million online users. Today, Instagram has become the best happening virtual space to share anything in form of photos and videos.

Instagram stories are way more engaging and interesting as compared to Snapchat or Facebook.

Industries that are leveraging the true power of Instagram stories are fashion, travel, and food. This does not mean you can not excel in any other industry.

The best thing about Instagram stories is that you got to have a lot of options to experiment with. Use your creativity in these stories to make the most of those precious 15 seconds.

How to use Instagram stories properly to get more leads?

Incorporating Instagram stories in your marketing campaign will generate new leads for sure. This unique method attract random users if your content is interesting enough.

Below are the best ways to use Instagram stories to boost your brand’s awareness:

Use vertical videos as the best tool for storytelling

According to several reports on the web, a user keep his smartphone in the vertical position most of the time. Vertical videos are more compelling and they keep the user intact for 15 seconds. The best thing about vertical videos is that it covers the whole screen of the user which convey a better visual story.

Use minimalistic design in your stories to keep the user intact

Since Instagram stories are of very less duration, you don’t want users to swipe left and ignore your creative content. The best way to keep the user intact is by using the minimalistic design in your stories and convey the most important key points of your message.

Harness the power of hashtags in your stories to reach new customers

Every modern marketer can relate to the power of a hashtag when it comes to reaching new potential customers. Many brands use hashtags to start a new conversation with their customers. This method of attracting new leads via hashtags is not new but it is about to stay in the game for a long time.

Instagram stories are still evolving and they are about to get big in the future. Social Media continues to surprise us with its hidden potential of advertising and doing business. The above-mentioned insights will definitely help you in boosting your brand awareness.

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