Google’s B.E.R.T. is Begging; Please write content for humans.

BERT, The latest and most significant Google update since Rank Brain is already in effect since one week, and as per Google fellow and Vice President Search, Mr Pandu Nayak, ”It will effect 1 in every 10 google searches”, especially the long tail searches where prepositions such as “for” and “to” have a significant meaning […] Read More

There Something New About DigiVersal!

Live, Work, Play and Learn is the New Motto and We Mean It. On 22nd October 2019, DigiVersal has launched a new website and a Future Ready Company Culture that aims to provide digital professionals in India, a perfect work-life balance and encourage maximum creativity at work. We are a full-service digital agency and have […] Read More

Shout-out To All Academic Writing Freelancers and Academic Consultants

After delivering 321 digital marketing projects and 120651 online academic assessments, DigiVersal has announced its proposition to expand globally. In line with ‘Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time’, DigiVersal is searching for academic professionals to be a part of our online academic writing and consultation services. This offer is for freelancers and working […] Read More

Celebrating International Women’s Day!

And all after that we have seen through #BeBoldForChange, #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, the International Women’s Day is back for yet another year of change to celebrate all the women worldwide. IWD organization believes in the words of Ms Cutler, as she says “Gender equality should be something that is discussed every day until it’s […] Read More

6 Surefire Tips for A Google-Friendly Website [2018: Year of Digital Marketing]

Digital marketing has barged into the scene of marketing, making it incumbent on the marketer to utilise it, in addition to the current marketing strategies. However, many firms still struggle to embrace it! Why is this inhibition of digital marketing acceptance a novelty? One sure answer is – online marketing instruments are still in a […] Read More

6 Cutting-edge Ways to Promote a Business Online

Online business promotions have been revolutionised with the advent of Web 2.0. The internet requires you to spend wads of cash on marketing, but the best part is that it ensures an infallible tracking mechanism, thereby opening the doors for future customisations. Online business, when follows this process in an orderly fashion can bring about […] Read More

Shifting Gears in HR through Human Resources Management Software

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a type of HR software that fuses a number of systems and processes under one database to ensure smooth management of employees and their data. The information system is methodically designed to automate the organization’s cumbersome database in order to streamline it. […] Read More

Understanding the Basics of Mobile Marketing

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing [10 Minute Read with Infographics] According to the latest surveys done in 2017, 23.93 percent Indians accessed internet through mobile devices. It is expected to cross 35% by the year 2022. As of February 2017, 49.7 percent of web pages viewed in the world were accessed through […] Read More

Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2018

Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2018 Today, the most pertinent question that every entrepreneur is asking- how digital marketing can help the small business to grow. The answer to this question is clearly evident from the occurrences in the virtual space world over. However, some of the elements of digital marketing can be […] Read More