Press Release – A Detailed Guide


What is a Press Release?

Press releaseis a medium through which announcements are made to the public. It is distributed to various media houses. It is documented and it provides information about a particular event that is happening.

Purpose of a Press Release

The main purpose of any press release is to introduce or inform the masses abouta specific service introduced or a new product or some event of some significance.

SEO Friendly Press Release

As we know, one can increase a website’s traffic by receiving quality backlinks. That can be achieved through SEO Press Release. It is important to know that, every press release is indexed by search engines online.

The fundamental concept behind writing an SEO-friendly press release is to search and make use of those “Keywords”which are most regularly searched by users. You can make use of Google AdWords Keyword Tool in order to carry out an appropriate research on relevant keywords.

Main Elements of a Press Release

The main elements of a press release are:

  1. Headline:A headline is an important part of any press release. A strong but short headline is a sign of a good headline. It would be worthy to note, that any reader reads the headline first, before going any further. So, it is important to ensure that the heading is a very effective one.
  2. Dateline: Dateline states the date and city, in which the press release is released.
  3. Introduction: The introduction part of any press release summarizes the entire information in the press release. A strong introduction will encourage the reader to continue reading further.
  4. Body:The body of any press release is a part which states all the statistics, facts, quotations, figures,etc.
  5. Boilerplate:This is one of the important parts of any press release. It is that part wherein, the company issuing the press release states out information about itself like name, contact number, e-mail address, emailing address, etc.
  6. Media contact information: In this section one would mention the name, contact number, and E-mail address of the PR representative of the company.
  7. Conclusion: The conclusion of a press release is done by adding three ‘###’ at the end of the press release, in order to let the reader know that it is the end of the write-up.

How to Avoid Press Release SEO Penalties

The following points need to be kept in mind in order to avoid press release SEO penalties:

  • Any press release should not be loaded with links. Adding one or two links would be an ideal number for press release.
  • The first link would carry the most weightage in your PR and, hence it would be wise to use the primary keyword target in the main text of your first link.
  • Making use of variations in your content through Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) can also help in avoiding being penalized by Google.
  • Over stuffing of keywords needs to be avoided under all circumstances.
  • Do not stuff your PR with promotional content.
  • Do not add questions in a press release, since a press release is all about announcing some kind of news to the public.

Tips on Writing a Good Press Release

  • Write a crispandeffective headline
  • Write clear and to-the-point
  • State out only relevant information
  • Add images in your Press Release

4 Types Of Press Releases

Press Releases are of 5 types basically:

  1. General News: General news refers to announcing something new that’s happening in the company or entity which is issuing the press release.
  2. Launching: If you are working on introducing a new service or a new project, which is going to be launched soon, it is always good to write a press release about it.
  3. Staff Announcement: If you want the public and media to know about how much your company has grown, the progress you have made, etc. announcing it through a press release would be a good idea.
  4. Event: When there is an event and you require exposure and need to reach out to people to inform them about your event, a PR is an excellent way!

When Should One Circulate a Press Release?

  • Rebranding
  • Opening a new office
  • Opening a new branch
  • Introducing a new partnership
  • Updates to existing products


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