How To Generate Consistent Leads With Your Business Blog


There has been quite a buzz in the market about the potential of a good business blog when it comes to attracting and converting targeted users to get more leads.

One of the best strategy that has worked for new start-ups, entrepreneurs and marketing experts to kick start their business is crafting a good insightful blog. In Fact, it turned out to be the best way to build and sustain your credibility in your specific niche market.

Content marketing is in high demand again because brands have started to realize that they may get a good amount of leads with paid marketing but only an insightful blog can attract and convert random strangers into loyal customers.

Framing an effective business blog that helps in conversions

Now, before you start a blog right away, you must invest a significant amount of time and efforts in researching the web about your competitors, latest industry insights and most importantly the targeted audience.

Apart from the technical web research, follow these basic fundamental steps before you craft your first post:

  • Choose the best blog layout that resonates with your niche, vision and the type of content you want to write and share.
  • Be Responsive: Make your blog easy to read on every device
  • Invest in SEO because no matter how good your content is, it will not get read if people can not find it on the web.
  • Build a holistic approach to integrate your Social Media with your blog.
  • Make your content easy to share on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Not everyone is your audience, find the right people and write about right things.

The very first step any blogger should do is defining the target audience because it helps in understanding:

  • Whom to write for,
  • What to write and
  • How to improve

The only thing that matters the most to your readers is how well you connect, help, and enlighten them about the particular thing they are searching on the web. If they have landed on your page looking for a solution, It should be your call to make the most of their presence.

The best practice to document a content marketing strategy is to create a buyer’s personas by researching about everything about your readers. It includes information about their very basic nature, their needs, and their interests.

Modern marketers are using this personalized information in their strategies to keep the existing customers intact and attract new leads organically.

Convert your readers into customers using relevant quality blog posts

Okay! You managed to keep the reader intact to the last line of your post but how will you convert them?

Many Marketers suggest putting affiliate links in the end of the post, expecting the reader to trust their recommendations and click on ‘buy now’. This strategy works best only when you have delivered a value which no one has discovered yet. So it becomes very important to keep your content value-oriented rather than sales-oriented.

Include a personalized Call To Action (CTA) at the end of each post. Your CTA should take the reader to a webpage where they can download an ebook, sign up for a webinar or use a service.

There is a reason behind the crazy buzz about content marketing and inbound marketing. After all the haphazard tools and tactics of digital marketing, writing good relevant content turned out to be the best and simple strategy when it comes to attract and convert leads.

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