Digiversal Premier League (#DPL2021) begins 10th Jan 21

Digiversal Premier League

#cricketfever is rising. Catch it Now

DPL 2021

When professional camaraderie transforms into a sporting spirit, the outcome is always brilliant. This is what #Digiversal Premier League (#DPL 2.0) stands for: An annual 20-20 cricket tournament manifesting #teamspirit, #employeewellness, #corporateculture, and even beyond.

Don’t let the COVID-19 scare make you miss out on the action. Catch #DPL2021 matches live feed on Digiversal official Facebook page and on #CricHero mobile app in a #socialdistancing mode.

winning team of 2020
In photo: Team Phoenix (previously X-Men); winners of the DPL1.0

#DPL2021 is milestone | Long Live the #DigitalRevolution.  

#DPL2021 or DPL2.0, what everyone here is calling it, is the hallmark of our achievements and the pure talent of #Digiversalites. 

2020 was the year of the unknown. Businesses like ours and hundreds of our peers were struck with unprecedented uncertainty with the pandemic infused lockdowns and under the scare of the mighty COVID-19. 

We didn’t make any excuses or compromises on our service quality, even when we could. Board Rooms shrunk to 12-inch screens, but the ambitions were suddenly infinite.

Yes! We fought the pandemic head-on, sustaining the once in millennia pandemic for our brand and all of it’s 250+employees with utmost dignity; with not even minor salary cuts or a single job loss. 

We worked hard and brainstormed even harder. Creating impossible milestones every single day.

Sustained the most challenging economic times in modern history while preserving our entire #workforce.

Kept our clients from all over the world super – happy and RICH, working 24×7 across India to ensure superlative #edutech and #digitalmarketing services. 

Now it’s time to celebrate, and #DPL2021 is the beacon of our success. 

The Pandemic Timeline

Being the best at what we do, the Digiversal family didn’t err once or wasted a single moment to fight back and reclaim what is rightfully ours: The glory of our company. 

March-May 20

Overnight our teams went into #wfh mode while leveraging technology to its fullest. Although the national lockdown was announced from 21st March, #DigiversalHR was proactive and announced #workfromhome for all employees a week earlier. 

During the test times for #HRTech, the Human Resources and the Admin department of #Digiversal sprung into #supermanmode. Almost instantly, all HR and Admin services were made available to #Digiversalemployees online under a single proprietary cloud platform. 

Daily #virtualwatercoolers ensured the #employeewellbeing at all costs and that no one felt alone.

#Virtualworkspaces and board rooms were created for over 250+ employees and client groups, instantly abuzz with conversations. A clear #wfh communication was rolled out to all #Digiversal clients with the assurance that every single voice will be heard. 

Pandemic or not.

June – Dec 20

Come June 2020 and we were one of the few #edutech and #digitalmarketing companies in the world who went into active hiring mode and added close to +100 new talented members to our family between April and December 20.

DPL 2020 Team Discussion

#DPL2.0 starting 10th Jan 2021 is the celebratory culmination of our unmatchable efforts towards #leadershipmanagement #teambuilding and #employeesatisfaction.

What is a #Digiversal Premier League (DPL)? 

#DPL is a 20-20 format cricket tournament, testing the cricketing talent and grit of Digiversal family members. This is the #life@digiversal, when talented people from Marketing, Sales, IT Development, #Digital-Marketing, and Customer Service domains come together in their agile avatars.

Bahubali team in all its glory
In Photo: Bahubali team in all its glory

This is the real #PeoplePower; people who may relentlessly push each other at work to achieve symphony, a near-perfect product, and customer experience. Yet, on the pitch #Digiversal #CricketLovers venture out in a singular spirit, exuding sportsmanship and hunger for the glory that is second to none. 

Like its namesake, DPL is an annual cricket tournament organised by the staff and members of Digiversal Consultants Pvt Ltd: an exemplary and popular digital agency in Noida. It has been played in the 20-20 cricket format since 2019. 

Generally scheduled during Oct-Nov; #DPL2021 is starting from January 10, 2021, on the sprawling pitch greens of (stadium name). A bit delayed, but smugly countering the current pandemic with our heads high and #employeemotivation at its highest. 

The message to the world is clear that you may temporarily derail us but can never deter us.

The history of Digiversal Premier League (#DPL)

Keeping up the tradition of omnipresent #cricketmadness in India, #Digiversal employees and management have indulged in #corporatecricket since 2012. Even some unofficial and scattered chapters of #DPL played out over the years between 2012 -2018. 

Digiversal Gangsters; done and dusted
In photo: Digiversal Gangsters; done and dusted

Finally, the #Digiversalfounders, namely Mr. N Sudhanshu, Mr. Budhesh Chopra, and Mr. Piyush Srivastava, gave the sporting fervor of its employee an official shape and launched DPL (Digiversal Premier League) in Nov 2020. 


The Game

In the standard T-20 format, each match of DPL 2021 comprises ten bowling overs and four teams of 11 players each. While the balls are smashed, and the talent is tested, the tournament plays out between 4 teams:

  • Digiversal Gangsters ( Skipper – Mr. Piyush Srivastava)
  • Bahubali ( Skipper – Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma )
  • Starks (Skipper – Mr. Nitin Bisht )
  • Phoenix (Skipper – Mr. Budhesh Chopra ) 

The Schedule

10th January 2021 

First Match: Starks vs Gangsters

Second Match: Bahubali vs Phoenix

16th January 2021

First Match: Starks vs Phoenix

Second Match: Bahubali vs Gangsters

23rd January 2021

First Match: Gangsters vs Phoenix

Second Match: Bahubali vs Starks

30th January 2021

Final Match

Digiversal Premier League 2021 is more than just a cricketing event. It takes parlance from the #DigiversalPromise and the #superpower of our collective employees that led us to overachieve and outshine even in tough times. Please join us in our revelry.

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