Celebrating International Women’s Day!

And all after that we have seen through #BeBoldForChange, #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, the International Women’s Day is back for yet another year of change to celebrate all the women worldwide. IWD organization believes in the words of Ms Cutler, as she says “Gender equality should be something that is discussed every day until it’s […]

6 Surefire Tips for A Google-Friendly Website [2018: Year of Digital Marketing]

Digital marketing has barged into the scene of marketing, making it incumbent on the marketer to utilise it, in addition to the current marketing strategies. However, many firms still struggle to embrace it! Why is this inhibition of digital marketing acceptance a novelty? One sure answer is – online marketing instruments are still in a […]

Understanding the Basics of Mobile Marketing

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing [10 Minute Read with Infographics] According to the latest surveys done in 2017, 23.93 percent Indians accessed internet through mobile devices. It is expected to cross 35% by the year 2022. As of February 2017, 49.7 percent of web pages viewed in the world were accessed through […]

5 Most Actionable Techniques To Convert Traffic Into Leads

Digital marketing is in its full potential these days. Growing your business on the cloud has become more important than building it on the ground. One of the many reasons why every business should have a professional website is that it helps in building trust and credibility of the brand. Despite the fact that there […]

Top 10 tools to kick-start your digital marketing journey

Digital marketing has become extremely popular with the advent of Social Media since 2006. After 10 years, this digital industry has become too big to ignore. It is no longer an option, it has become an integral part of any business. Every business needs to invest the humongous amount of time and efforts to dominate […]

A beginner’s guide to digital marketing funnel

Modern marketers are putting their humongous efforts in figuring out what exactly attract leads and what converts them into loyal customers. Are there any fundamental steps that a prospect take when it comes to buy a product or use a service? The answer is yes and that remarkable thing is called a funnel. A digital […]

How to create convincing PPC ad copy that actually converts

There are many bloggers, marketing experts, and users who are flocking around on the web to read reviews, buy something or find information. It is very obvious that the internet has witnessed a cut-throat competition when it comes to market something. When businesses believe in their product, service or the solution they have to offer, […]

How to master inbound marketing with detailed buyer personas

Modern marketers are witnessing dynamic changes in the digital market every now and then. Every blog we read about inbound marketing on the web today talks about one thing for sure; “Know your audience” But the big question is how? How to know your audience on a more personal level so that we can attract […]

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