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I have been in constant touch with the experts at DigiVersal for quite some time now. I have tried all their services and never been dissatisfied with their services. especially, the way their web developers have catered to my requirements is what makes me turn to them again and again. I love all their services and recommend their services to every individual who aspire to be great digital marketer.

Angad Sinha Kapoor

In our internet age, search engines have become our – virtual – windows to the world. They have already been the modern day encyclopedias for long since their inception. However, in the past few years, people have been also increasingly turning to them whenever they are exploring the range of products and services available for their needs. And, this is where search engine marketing enters the scene. Search engine marketing aims to advertise products and services by listing web pages at the top of search results according to the keywords that are part of a person’s search engine query. The best feature of search engine marketing is that it always reaches a prospective customer because every time it responds to an interested customer’s corresponding search query. As a result, search engine marketing has become the most effective way to advertise online.


We, at DigiVersal Consultants, know how to research the right keywords for your advertisements to appear in search engine results. We have a team of dedicated experts who thoroughly analyze the most popular keyword searches. We, through our back end tools – like Web analytic and HTML validators – research data about the visits on the website which allow us to measure the success of the website.

Featured Search Engine Marketing Services

Keyword Research Service
Ad Campaign Service
Landing Page Service
Website Saturation and Popularity Analysis Service
Search Intent Identification Service

Reach large prospective customers with our Search engine marketing services, just at $200 (basic package) and $450 (advanced package).

Basic Search Engine Marketing: $200

Advanced Search Engine Marketing: $450

  • Google Penalty Check
  • Baseline Ranking Check
  • In-depth site analysis

Our Distinctive Features

  • We do extensive research to find the right keywords for your advertisement pages to appear in search results whenever a prospective customer does a search inquiry.
  • We help you to index your website in search engines, and, at the same time, find the most popular keywords for your website and the products and services advertised on it. Also, we use the same keywords on your webpages in a manner that they generate and direct more traffic.
  • We, along with finding the right keywords, also help you identify negative keywords – words or phrases in search queries that should be avoided in search engine marketing campaigns.
  • We help you achieve high score for your advertisements which help your improve the rank of your ads and is also cost effective.

How Do We Help?

  • Research – We undertake a thorough research to find the best keyword combinations that are closest to the description of your products and services, and, thus, increase your brand’s market presence.
  • Analysis – We analyze the search perception impact of your advertisements. Search perception impact is the description of impression on the customers of your brand. It includes titles, meta tags, keyword focus and site indexing. Online search is always the first step that prospective customers take, thus, the search perception impact becomes the decisive factor in shaping the brand impression for every customer.
  • Ad Auction – Ad Auction comes into play every time a search query is entered in a search engine. To enter an ad auction brands have to identify the keywords that they want to bid on, and, more importantly, the money they are willing to pay for their ad. It isn’t always that the highest bidder’s ad is shown. We help you achieve a high Quality Score, and, thus, your ads are shown even with lower bids and are cost effective.

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