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Angad Sinha Kapoor

To promote and create market awareness in the digital world, every brand invests a good amount of resources whenever it comes out with a new product or service. The reason behind every such campaign is, obviously, to gain new customers and increase your business. However, despite such sincere efforts, brands at times find that these efforts are not yielding the results they had expected out of them. This is where reputation management comes to the rescue of your brand. Reputation management – also called rep management, online reputation management or ORP – is an effort that aims to shape the public perception of a brand or organization by influencing the information that is made available about the products, services and offer on online public platforms.


It takes a variety of methods to successfully manage a brand’s reputation and we, at DigiVersal Consultants, have a team of experts who are well-versed in all of these. We know that reputation management is not only about publishing positive content that highlights the advantages of a particular product or service. It is also, at the same time, protecting it from negative and defamatory reviews and content that is deliberately aimed to damage the reputation of a brand. We employ various methods – like search engine optimization and social media monitoring – to detect all kinds of stories that are doing the round on the internet about your brand. And, then, accordingly, we decide which ones are to your brand’s advantage – and thus, to be promoted – and which ones are harmful – and thus, to be removed.

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Draw a positive public to your brand with the inbound marketing services of DigiVersal, just at $200 (basic package) and $450 (advanced package).

Basic Inbound marketing: $200

Advanced Inbound Marketing: $450

  • 3-5 blog articles per week
  • Smart content mapped to buying cycle
  • 1 premium content offer per month

Our Distinctive Features

  • We help you, through search engine optimization, to identify negative stories and damaging reviews. We improve the tagging of content published by the brand – like white paper and positive customer reviews – and thus, help you push down the negative stories.
  • We write creative and distinct positive promotional content for your brand that highlights the advantages your products and services offer, and thus, in effect, downplay the negative content.
  • We help you to remove incorrect information that is being spread about your brand by contacting editors of websites on which people have posted content about your brand.
  • We help you to maintain a good public relations program where you can respond to customer criticism in a timely manner and clear their doubts to their satisfaction.

How Do We Help?

  • Aggressive SEO – If a person searches for your brand then what you desire, more than anything else, is that the content about your brand appears at the very top of search results. However, among these high-ranking stories, there will also be some which are trying to defame your brand by spreading false information. With our skillful search engine marketing strategy, we help you to increase the rank of positive content – on your as well as other websites – and stops false content from appearing at the top.
  • Reaction – We help you to react to any kind of customer complaint on any web platform – twitter, Facebook, etc – very quickly. This helps you to curb one customer’s dissatisfaction from infecting other potential customers and influencing them before they have even made a purchase.
  • Address Criticism – We believe that constructive criticism is always beneficial in the long run for any brand. Therefore, from all the feedback that your brand gets, we help you extract valuable suggestions which help your brand serve your customers better in the future by understanding their expectations and perspective.
  • Removal – We help you to get rid of any kind of abusive content. This is the most important part of a reputation management campaign – to protect your brand from willful detractors. We achieve this through our constant monitoring of web platforms.

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