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Mr. Pulkit Yadav, Director Flightsbank.com

In today’s digital era, customers look for personalized web interfaces, real-time interactions, and seamless customer experience. Digitization of workflow is a proven solution to increase business productivity. Organizations adopting and converting to digital workflow are enjoying faster access to data, streamlined functioning, and high production of business.

Workflow digitization by DigiVersal not only simplifies the business internal processes or use online medium to engage customers, it also facilitates error-free operations, cut down on paperwork, improve the productivity of employees, avoids inconsistency in performance, and reduce the number of actions taken to complete a task. If your business still relies on paperwork, it is the time to go digital with us.

Featured Digitization of Workflow Service

Document Management
Data Recovery
Workflow Automation
Data Migration
Data Backup
Custom and Mobile Application
File Sharing and Collaboration

Our Distinctive Features

  • We help businesses to facilitate their sales and marketing process by transforming their workflow using CRM software. Let us simplify your processes and help you crack more deals in short time and efficient way.
  • Be it business emails or personal emails, we provide the best applications that integrate advanced and ease-to-use features for both official and personal use. These applications enable you to monitor emails with the minimum interface in a secure way.
  • To ease the work of IT and help desk, get access to help desk software by DigiVersal. By using this software, you will be able to improve your business performance, increase productivity and provide top-notch customer support.
  • We helped various finance companies to grow their businesses by providing them online accounting software. You can manage your finances and monitor business cash flow by using simple and fast cloud accounting software.
  • For smooth functioning of HR process, we help recruitment agencies and HR departments with cutting edge recruitment software. Automate your recruitment task and minimize your workload with us.
  • Get custom applications to automate your business process and workflow. Let us expand your business with our state-of-the-art technologies and applications.

How Do We Help?

Transformation of digitization workflow offers reliable ways for accessing and storing of documents and scanning of data. With our experts at DigiVersal, the mass digitization projects can be organized and managed well. Know how we work for the innovative transformation of your business workflow.

  • First, we analyze all aspects to identify the scope of your project. Starting from understanding the current workflow processes of your business to finding the areas where improvement is required to determining how digital workflow benefit your business processes.
  • The next step is to digitizing workflow. Our experts take prudent actions to transform the areas of workflow that needs to be pipelined. From scanning and getting data to putting it on the internet, we critically manage the overall workflow transition process.   
  • In the end, our skilled team analyzes the benefits of this digital transformation on your business processes. In order to embrace the real digital workflow, we ensure that all your business tasks are running smoothly in a fast and efficient manner.

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