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Our content strategy formulation services is a blend of knowledge and technology, wherein we do not let any of our clients go dissatisfied.

I have been in constant touch with the experts at DigiVersal for quite some time now. I have tried all their services and never been dissatisfied with their services. especially, the way their web developers have catered to my requirements is what makes me turn to them again and again. I love all their services and recommend their services to every individual who aspire to be great digital marketer.

Angad Sinha Kapoor

Today’s competitive scenario demands students to be professional and workforce ready from the moment they become eligible for employment. Thriving in such an environment requires significant clarity of mind, sound academic decisions and high grades which would enable a student to standout.

DigiVersal serves as a one-stop academic consultation destination for students and professionals. Our online tutors play a crucial role by helping students sail through their academic curriculum with a superior understanding of their academic curriculum. Our highly qualified and competent subject matter experts help lighten a student’s burden by assisting them incompleting their academic assessments.

DigiVersal also benefits professionals having expertise in specialised subjects and an inclination towards academics, writing and digital marketing. Such professionals can enhance their skillset from our detailed training programs in academic writing, content writing and digital marketing.

Finally, our professional counsellors’ help students make superior academic choices by helping them choose from a plethora of possible career options.

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Our Distinctive Features

DigiVersal offers a potent combination of knowledge and experience. We house a strong team of qualified subject matter experts along with professional career counsellors, online tutors and trainers proficient at ensuring skill development of students

Our zeal to treat customers as a priority drives us to work round the clock and provide immediate solutions to all academic concerns of our clients

We are sensitive to client needs. This allows us to customize our product offerings in accordance with individual learning needs of every client

DigiVersal believes in sharing knowledge and making our clients increasingly aware. Our dedicated team of professionals ensure provision of appropriate academic consulting at every step of our client’s academic career

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)Questions raised by the freelancers:

The selection procedure requires an individual to submit their updated resume along with a list of subjects he/ she/ they (in case of teams) might have an expertise in. This is followed by a small written test which is evaluated for its quality and timely completion. A rate of payment is mutually agreed upon and a ‘Freelance Contract Document’ is signed by selected individuals.

A monthly payment cycle is followed. Payments are made from 5th to 10th of every month. In other words, payment for all jobs completed in a particular month would be received from 5th to 10th of next month.

Penalties are applicable for missing task requirements, missing deadlines, being non-responsive and absconding from the task. A detailed penalty structure has been included in the ‘Handbook of Guidelines for Freelancers’.

Payments are made via direct bank transfer to the concerned individual’s account. For this purpose, we require all our Indian Experts to provide their Bank Account Information (Account Number, Branch, Address and IFSC Code) after being selected and before they start working with us. Alternately, PayPay ID is required for foreign/ non-Indian Experts.

Yes, we have a panel for all operations. However, the same is currently under development. Each Expert would be required to sign-up for a Freelancer account once they have been selected to work with us. While SA (Sample Assignment) and TV (TutorVersal) codes will be assigned and dealt with via panel, email communication will be used for other codes (MAS, TVAH, IAH and OAE).

The minimum cycle for increasing base rate depends on a number of factors. These include responsiveness, amount of work accepted on every day basis and the quality of work offered. Freelancers delivering high quality tasks will experience an increase in their base rate sooner as compared to others.

For any general, task related or billing inquires, the ‘Operations’ department can be contacted. A comprehensive list of team members along with their contact information has been included in the ‘Handbook of Guidelines for Freelancers’.

No, there is no deduction for Turnitin report.

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