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What is a Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation letter is a document inscribed by an erstwhile employer, comrade, educator or an individual who can endorse the candidate's spadework or educational performance. The objective of a recommendation letter is to substantiate the accomplishments, expertise and aptitude of the individual being recommended.

What is a LOR and how much does it matter?
How does a good LOR help you?

Why must you write it?

Recommendation Letters reflect the candidate's prior experience and accomplishments. They impart the applicant's behavior and expertise from the outlook of someone who has worked closely in the phases of applicant's academic as well as professional life which ensures that the candidate is competent enough to carry out the required tasks while studying or working in desired domain.

Who can help you with writing recommendation letters?

We advise that a recommendation letter from the tutor of the discipline which is pertinent to the major you contemplate to undertake would be ideal. If you intend to apply for engineering, a letter from the tutors of your science disciplines will definitely leave a positive impact on admission officers than one from your history teacher.

How should your LOR be divided?

Writing tips for Recommendation Letter

  • Always use a business letter format
  • Emphasize on job description
  • Elucidate how you know the candidate
  • Highlight few traits of the applicant
  • Remain positive
  • Provide your contact information
  • Must follow submission guidelines

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