The payment structure is subject to various factors for the rates but it’s mainly divided into two categories:

  1. Technical Tasks/ Assignments: Customised Quote
  2. Non-Technical Tasks/ Assignments: Fixed rate per word

There are many factors that affect the rate of an assignment.

To name them:

  1. Experience in the Academic Writing Industry
  2. Responsiveness to orders
  3. Availability and Accessibility
  4. Feedback on you from the clients/ lecturers
  5. Quality of work/ Number of revisions
  6. Educational Qualification
  7. Number of words per week/ per month
  8. Availability to handle urgent clients
  9. Ability to handle demanding/ tricky/ researched orders
  10. Overall impression and reputation with the Co. as well as within the Industry

We use all the modes of payment available. From simple bank transfers (NEFT) to online payments via digital payment portals like PayPal, Payoneer etc.

We follow monthly billing cycle to pay our esteemed freelancers i.e. we pay at the end of the month. Its is the sum total of the price for all the assignments you have done in a month.

In some cases, it can be bi-weekly for the initial month, but from the second month onwards, we pay monthly.

Yes, If a task requires both word count and technical analysis involvement, we would be considering custom quotes for the assignment. We value the hard work of our experts and are happy to compensate as per the best industry standards.