“Content-The King of Digital Marketing”, But Why?


How many times have we heard, “Content is King”? There is no denying that, content is king! There is content available in abundance on the internet. How do we stand out in this big ocean of content?

Well, the obvious answer would be SEO. But, the not-so-obvious thing about content would be that, it should be of good quality, relevant, valuable content that people actually want to read!

If done in the right manner, SEO honestly shouldn’t actually affect the content of your blog. Are you surprised to read that? You probably know people who would argue with you about your keyword density, how important it is to insert keywords everywhere, but, Google has become more “context sensitive” and as a result, the old king of “content alone” has been slightly tweaked now.

Now, the new mantra is context and content go hand-in-hand! Without providing useful content, your audience really has no reason to stay engaged to your content. And, even if you are providing useful content, you won’t be able to create the desired impact with it alone if you would not be providing it in the proper context.

As per the latest terms of Digital marketing, Google gives preferences to content which is formed strategically. High-quality content is key to rank on top of SERPs.

Four Reasons Why Content is Treated as “King” in Digital Marketing?

  • SEO Friendly: High-quality, plagiarism free content on a website blog has a significant impact on SEO and search engine rankings on Google. And, as we already know, people usually do not scroll down on the search page. They prefer going through the first 4 or 5 visible links.
  • Increase traffic: Not only is good-quality, original content great for SEO purposes, it is also an excellent way to drive traffic to a website and keep consumers on the site for longer. For example, a website with just a homepage and contact page with little or no information will hardly catch the interest of any potential client or reader, whereas a website with an on-site blog packed full of engaging content leaves a lasting impression on the users and encourages them to get more interaction with the site and visit multiple pages to know more. It is such that, it creates a sense of curiosity, a feeling to know more in the minds of the users.
  • Generate new sales leads: Good content is generally does not directly promote sales. It gives consumers an opportunity to authentically engage and connect to the brand without a boring sales message interrupting the engagement. Flooding consumers with content and information which is only about the product can have a negative effect and drive away the users. A perfect balance between promoting the brand and also good engaging content is necessary. This will turn the potential clients into revenue numbers.
  • User-Engagement: Good content, whether it is in the form of a blog post or article, encourages users to engage with the brand, whether they realize it or not. Even without their knowledge, they get drawn towards the brand. They would want to know more and more. They would look out for ways to associate themselves with the brand. Hence, quality content and context encourages user-engagement.

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