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Waking up every day before the sun comes up gives me the feeling of starting ahead of everyone else. After exercising, I feel accomplished for tackling a challenging day and week ahead! Especially that particular week, as I had a new project coming up! A new team to lead! A new challenge! Power Recruitment!

Power Recruitment, as the name suggests was all about recruiting talent from everywhere in the next 25 days! Not just any talent, but only the best, who would bring an abundance of experience, the right skills and attitude to do the job. You can’t Google experience, and that is something we value a lot at DigiVersal. 😊

Whether it is reaching out to clients or in a huddle with my team, I spend a large amount of time managing relationships than doing just about anything else. Effectiveness in that arena, is the cornerstone of any leader’s success I suppose.

So, we initially started by mapping all the activities that would help us achieve the target of 15 talent heads! As it has been rightly said by Steve Wyns, “Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” My team was the spinning wheel that kept the prong of this project going!

Multi-thread Campaign

Our whole idea behind making this project a huge success was to use as many different channels as we could so as to source potential hires. LinkedIn, Facebook, Online Job Portals, we were there everywhere!

Good Work Culture = Good Talent Acquisition

Best workplaces have higher success in attracting top talent.

This was the second strategy we followed. Our idea was not just to hire the best, but to also retain them. Best workplaces have higher success in attracting top talent.

Not only did I personally interact with each new hire, but also ensured that there are effective employee engagement activities taking place periodically.

Employee Referral Program

The third strategy involved not just my team, but my entire office! Yes! This was beneficial as our employees knew exactly what we are looking for including whether they possess the skills to fill the requirements of the position, whether they fit in with the company culture, how long they stay with the company and how satisfied they appear to be with their job. Every employee was asked to fill an employee referral form and refer people they deemed fit for this role!

Teach the Recruiting Team to be Highly Effective

Not only did I groom my team in order to be able to take interviews, but also taught them as to know what questions to ask, to know what to look for, and know that every candidate interviewed is a potential brand advocate. Typically, my motive behind this was that every candidate interviewed should walk away from the interview really wanting to work with us.

The Experience

Diversity implies inclusion of the many characteristics that differentiate us from each other. Sometimes these very characteristics affect our view of the world, our experiences, and our ways of relating to things at work.

Throughout the process, not only did we have the opportunity to meet candidates from diverse backgrounds, but each had a story of his own, own set of experiences, each worth a hear!

The Key Takeaways

  • Put your staff first
  • Employees are assets
  • As per the recruitment cycle, 25 days were not sufficient.
  • It was a major advantage of the recruitment process that we were successful in tapping the most relevant talents not just in India, but across the world during the span of engagement.
  • The key success contributor was out-of-the-box ideas, which in turn yielded effective outcomes.

Successfully gaining and completing the Power Recruitment Project has shown me just how much I owe to my ongoing role in DigiVersal!

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