Searching for the Best: Vivid Experiences from Two Campus Drives


The period of campus recruitment often mirrors spring season for many organizations searching for the fresh talent to add to their existing pool of resources. This period becomes even more important for young and fast growing organizations like DigiVersal. It is a dream and part of strategic vision of a dynamic enterprise to induct and nurture fresh talent which can contribute immensely for different functional areas of importance while ensuring their personal career growth.

We, at DigiVersal, believe in the power of creativity and innovation and encourage the same among our employees. We also believe that the fresh graduates are fast learners, high in enthusiasm, well versed with new technologies and current events. Most importantly, they bring new ideas and perspectives to the overall organizational thought process. Thus, it has always been a core area of importance and a major strategic HRM activity for us.

In August, we started thinking more seriously about conducting well organized campus drives which are aligned with the common organizational objectives and specific needs of our long term resources. The process of preparing and brainstorming for the first set of campus drives brought us a lot of opportunities of learning and shaping our organizational vision in a more prominent way. It taught us to be innovative so as to attract innovative talent and provided a far clearer vision for formulating structured job descriptions. After the initial preparation and strengthening the basics, we started approaching higher educational institutions of repute in Delhi NCR. In the very first stage, our Recruitment Team was successful in collaborating with two esteemed Institutions namely Amity University, Noida and IBS, Gurgaon.

As a part of the hiring process, we aimed to bring new talents in the fields of Academic Research, Operations, Client Relations and Content Marketing to re-energise the principal domains of Academic Consulting and Digital Marketing of our Organization. The entire process of communication with placement coordinators of both respective Institutions and working strategically for devising assessment tools for specific roles and responsibilities facilitated a very fulfilling experience for all our recruitment team members.

On 23rd October, 2017 we finally started with our first Campus Recruitment Drive at Amity University Noida followed by our second Drive at IBS, Gurgaon on 25th October, 2017. The majority turnout for the initial Aptitude Test in both of the Institutions gave us the confidence to proceed with succeeding recruitment activities. While the turnout was quantitatively higher in Amity University, the energy and enthusiasm of the young and smart crowd of both the Institutions was extremely remarkable.

DigiVersal CampusBefore starting with the assessments, we conducted an interaction session with the prospective candidates where we introduced our Organizations, its culture, key objectives and functional areas to all of them in a clear-cut way. This session was a learning experience for all of us as we had to answer a lot of questions and address vivid concerns of the students. Our two months of sincere efforts and preparations helped us to satisfy their queries in a prolific way.

DigiVersal Placement Cell

The entire experience of two recruitment drives was highly productive with positive outcomes and formulation of strategic learning goals for the recruitment team and the Organization as a whole. Following are some of the glimpses of the learning goals:-

  • We learned about the various concerns and pre-assessment enquiries of the young student community and it will help us to prepare for the upcoming Campus Drives in a more constructive way.
  • The Drives helped us to test our assessment tools and the insights derived from the process of evaluation provided clear action items to make them more efficient and creative.
  • The comprehensive personal interview process enabled us to understand the expectations of fresh talents in a vivid way and it had provided us with a major learning goal of transforming our work culture as per their aspirations in a better way.
  • It provided us with a holistic overview of the competencies as well as the critical skills possessed by the freshers. We would try our best to leverage the experience gained in building connections and aligning with the roles and responsibilities of the Offered positions.
  • Finally, we realized the much needed importance of the online assessment tools, psychometric examinations and automation in bringing more efficiency in the overall process. It would also contribute significantly to address the requirements of larger pool of candidates in future.

Thus, the two Campus Drives enriched our thought processes and unfurled transparent horizons of recruiting young and dynamic talent to our workforce. AnVermeulen, VP of field sales, Coca-Cola European Partners rightly said –

We have to challenge existing recruitment methods in order to attract and nurture the diverse talent pool of tomorrow


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