How to Get A Fabulous Website Designed On a Tight Budget?


Affordable Website Design Tips

On one hand, creating a new website is a matter of time, patience and precision. How much will the website cost is a million dollar question! You approach 5 different web designing companies and you get 5 different answers leaving you confused.

Would it not be so much better to know it yourself? If yes, then below are some of the ways, to get a fabulous website design when on a tight budget.

Let’s start with the basics.

Every website basically needs three main things:
• A domain name (;
• Hosting (think of this like a virtual parking spot for your files);
• Files to create the web pages;

There are few basic questions one needs to know about, which are:


  • What type of website is required – entertainment based, e-commerce, content aggregator, interactive, etc.
  • How many different features you need – like find-in-store, events calendar, photo gallery, social media interaction widget, etc.
  • How many pages your site will have – like home, about us, services, contact us, testimonials, contact us, privacy policy, etc.
  • If you would require specific content writing guidance;
  • If you would want to have an ongoing maintenance in place;

The 4 Main Costs In Website Designing


The 4 main costs one incurs even when on a tight budget are:

  • Domain Name Registration: Registering any domain name is mandatory in order to successfully displaying a website on the internet. To register your business, you will need to buy a name from a recognized domain registrar. Some of the certified domain registrars are,,, or
  • Website Hosting: Website hosting refers to where your website is located. It is a physical location of where your website is located when a visitor arrives to view the website.
  • The Main Website Development: This refers to graphics, images, content on the website, what it would look like, etc.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Any website needs to be constantly updated in order to keep up with the ever changing market and trends. Ongoing Maintenance just does that. It includes various functions like, content updates, event calendar, plugin updates, uptime monitoring, etc.


Tight Budget? No Problem!

So, when your budget is tight, what do you do? You try and get a fantastic looking website which is not just compact, but also serves your purpose of effective online presence. HOW?

  • A budget website is usually based on a standardized design, but would consist of every feature you would see on any professional business site.
  • It would have a clean professional look which is easy to use.
  • Clean and easily readable font.
  • Functional contact forms.
  • It would be one, which would be visually appealing.
  • A blog which would be an effective means to inform the target audience about the products and services.

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