Celebrating International Women’s Day!


And all after that we have seen through #BeBoldForChange, #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, the International Women’s Day is back for yet another year of change to celebrate all the women worldwide. IWD organization believes in the words of Ms Cutler, as she says “Gender equality should be something that is discussed every day until it’s a reality.” While imparting huge importance and relevance to the festivities that celebrate women and their rights, IWD organization has been coming up with powerful campaigns every year. To inculcate gender parity and mutual respect worldwide, #PressForProgress couldn’t have found any better day to come up into the picture.

Recent news reported from World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, that it will take more than 200 years- very precisely 217 years- for gender parity to come into existence. There has been a series of revelations regarding sexual harassment, gender inequality, misogyny and abuse from different sectors of society; strongly urging for more push to gender equality.


What is the whole point of making movies on gender parity and human rights when every year women’s day has to be celebrated through protests and appeals? Why don’t we see any change without women coming on the roads holding banners and asking for their rights? Why are there notable number of sexual allegations and harassment cases freshly piling every year? We negate our existence in a society if we do not breathe the air of gender parity. But, when the picture doesn’t change its frame, campaigns like #Metoo and #TimesUp had to challenge the society to spin in right direction.

This International Women’s Day is wrapped in the theme ‘Press For Progress’, that calls for people worldwide to motivate their friends, colleagues and communities and unite them to actively participate in the upbringing of gender parity; to think, act and be gender inclusive. The organization even encourages the participants to post their own #PressForProgress pictures to reflect the token solidarity and your commitment to gender equality.

This day isn’t dedicated to a single feminist, or a group of women protesting for rights, but it is a chance to recognize and appreciate every strong woman in your life and help further the dialogue around #PressForProgress’s motive of gender parity.

So, this Women’s Day, let us take a moment to thank our mothers, sisters, female friends, colleagues, and every other person who makes our lives any better, pledge our support, challenge the conventions, not fear the collaborations and most importantly, equally celebrate the creativity of both men and women on every day basis!

Women Empowerment In DigiVersal

“We do not only believe in empowering women, but also believe in women.” Wouldn’t have there been women, strongly and diligently supporting organizations, the chances of system sabotage would have been an hourly issue. It is true that men and women are the two sides of the same coin, which side benefits more is a matter of chance; keeping in mind that both are equally important.

DigiVersal as an organization not only aims to treat both the genders by paying and rewarding them unbiasedly, but, also believes in motivating the female workers to participate more than ever, provides them the access to all the opportunities, understand their generic problems.

DigiVersal has its own Women Grievance Cell (as per the law passed by Internal Complaint Committee to Prevent Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace) that is responsible for taking care of any issue that bothers our female staff. The Cell ensures that female staff gets the most appropriate environment to work in. Any kind of sexual harassment/assault or inappropriate behavior with female employees is immediately considered with high importance.

The Women Grievance Cell is easily approachable and entitles every female employee to communicate their issues without any hesitation

DigiVersal is a not only a workplace for its female employees but also a safe place for all its female visitors!

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