Why Businesses Should Invest In Mobile Marketing Campaigns


There are just 4 months left for 2018 and marketing experts have already started analyzing what they learned about evolving digital trends in this year.

Every modern marketer can relate to the fact that digital marketing is growing at a rapid pace. Since it is such a dynamic industry, staying in the trend is important in order to survive in this cut throat market.

2017 taught business professionals, entrepreneurs, and marketing gurus not to overlook the power of engagement and customer retention. Today, no small or medium sized businesses can afford not including online marketing as an integral part of their marketing budget.

What is mobile marketing

There are several analytical reports on the web that claims that mobile users have been increased tremendously in past few years. Social media is the new internet and brands are using it to find, interact and convert new customers.

Targeting mobile device users via Social Media as a part of multi channel campaign is mobile marketing in a nutshell.

Marketing experts are leveraging the social presence of millions of users on mobile devices by reaching them with a ‘shop now’ buttons.

Mobile marketing has grown tremendously in last few years as more and more people are joining social media to share their life online on platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Why choose mobile marketing over web marketing

It involves users instantly

Since everything is available just a click away today, most people keep their mobile device at arm’s length. Now Brands can easily find and target their potential customers as per their niche or industry. This means the delivery range of your marketing campaign is huge and interested users will respond to your relevant ‘calls-to-action’ instantly.

Advertising on mobile is cheaper than the web

Many businesses spend the huge amount of their limited funds on marketing campaigns to witness a tangible growth in their revenues. On the other hand, the cost of creating and executing mobile campaigns is comparatively low. This makes it really easy for businesses to advertise on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

It gets more social shares

Mobile marketing is effortless and it increases your content’s visibility. Every modern marketer can relate to the fact that sharing content on mobile is way more easier and compact than on the web. Considering the small display size of any mobile ad, digital marketers need to create the content that is precise, short and impactful.

The response rate is impressive

Mobile and social media has changed the whole scenario of a market. When it comes to increasing engagement, Social Media is the best place to find and interact with potential customers. Whenever your targeted user land to a specific piece of content on his mobile, he will respond within seconds if the content is relatable and solving a problem.

Though digital marketing trends are changing every day, businesses still need to learn latest updates in the industry so that they can survive in this competitive digital market. Businesses are spending a huge amount of money on marketing campaigns without having a documented strategy. This can bring all of your marketing efforts to the ground. You can get in touch with us to learn more about marketing techniques that not only bring leads but convert them into loyal customers.

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