A beginner’s guide to digital marketing funnel


Modern marketers are putting their humongous efforts in figuring out what exactly attract leads and what converts them into loyal customers.

Are there any fundamental steps that a prospect take when it comes to buy a product or use a service?

The answer is yes and that remarkable thing is called a funnel.

A digital marketing funnel is the set of different steps a prospect take when it comes to finding and purchasing any product or service.

Earlier, the concept of customer journey was not much researched as there were no such clear understanding of market fundamentals.

Today, digital marketing has evolved into much more dynamic and complex industry so it becomes very important to fully understand the ins and out of this market.

To understand the basic steps of a marketing funnel, have a look at the given image carefully.

Let us discuss each of the above funnels in details to have a basic idea how a prospect find, decide and purchase fundamentally:


A random visitors just landed on your page via google search, ads or Social Media. At this stage, this is not a lead but just a visitor who is looking for a solution. Your part here is to aware him more about the problem and why it needs to be resolved.


When a visitor finds your product or service considerable, he starts showing some interest in your website, social media or any other platforms on the web. The reason a visitor show interest in your business is because, at some level, he thinks his problem can be resolved by your expertise.


This is the winning time for your company as in this stage, a user is very firm about his decision of trusting your company and trying the solution you have to offer. In order to help him in purchasing, You can make sales offers here with webinars, sales pages, and calls.


This is the final stage in a digital marketing funnel where prospect participates in your company’s revenue generation by purchasing the product or using a service. Here the st important concern of the customer is to feel confident and ensure a smooth transition.

There is a post-purchase stage in modern digital marketing funnel where you must educate your existing customers about the solutions you have to offer to him and provide him value-oriented services. In this way, a customer will become a major asset to your company and it will help in building a profound social presence.

Understanding a sales funnel can be difficult when you are working on your own projects. We have been guiding businesses regarding the same so that they can materialize their dreams with actionable strategies. If you need any kind of help in digital marketing, we would love to help and see you grow. Contact us here.

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