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Mr. Pulkit Yadav, Director

As people are spending more and more time online – from reading news to shopping on e-commerce sites to socializing with friends, among many other activities – organizations are spending more than ever on online advertising. It is a very simple rule: you advertise in places where people’s attention is available. And of all the advertising models that are currently being employed online, pay-per-click has emerged as the most precise in its targeting and is also cost effective at the same time. There are two reasons for this. First, your ads are shown only when related keywords are searched in a search engine and they are displayed on websites which publish content that is thematically close to your ads. Secondly, as the name suggests, you only pay the search engine or the website hosting your ad only when it is clicked on.


We, at DigiVersal Consultants, have a team of experts who know the ins and outs of a successful pay-per-click ad campaign. We study the products and services that you want to advertise and come up with a range of description for them. This enables us to find the most relevant keywords and websites with which you should advertise your products and services. At DigiVersal, we manage both search engine bidding and fixed price website ad campaigns for your brand.

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Our Distinctive Features

  • We help you to create lists of relevant keywords, precise keyword groups and ad texts through our extensive research. This is very important because you only want to pay for traffic that helps your business grow. Therefore, in our campaigns we ensure to avoid irrelevant keywords.
  • We help you improve the quality of your ad’s landing pages by creating relevant and persuasive content that responds to specific search queries with clarity.
  • We help you achieve a high quality score which helps your advertisements to win the bidding in Google AdWords. Also, better quality score gets you more click at lower prices.

How Do We Help?

  • PPC Keywords – We increase the outreach of your ad campaigns by finding the most appropriate keywords with which to link your products and services.
  • Split Ad Groups – We help you improve your click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score by dividing your advertisements into ads that are smaller but more relevant at the same time. Thus, your ad text becomes is better targeted and also the quality of landing pages improves significantly.
  • Review Costly PPC Keywords – We constantly monitor the assigned keywords for your ads and review expensive and low-performance keywords. And, to achieve better cost management, we remove these keywords and add new ones which are more relevant.
  • Creative Display Ads – We provide you excellent service in designing unique ad campaigns that stand out from others and are persuasive.

Are you looking for a good pay-per-click ad campaign service that is innovative in its keyword ideas and generates more traffic? Contact DigiVersal Consultants today!